Walking and its relation with health

Since the beginning of time, walking has played an important role in the life of the human being. According to the Theories of the origin of man, the human being evolved from the monkeys, reason because many researchers say that the man at the beginning of time walked in a stooped way; But with the passage of time he was forced to move from one place to another, so that his anatomy was changed to the point where he managed to walk upright, as is known nowadays.

walking and healthy

According to the above, walking helps in the evolution of human anatomy, it has also been shown that walking has a very positive effect on health, allowing people to have a better quality of life. Doctors recommend walking frequently with the propose of be healthier and achieve weight loss.

Walking a way to be healthy

It is well known that walking plays a big role in the life of human. According what has been mentioned by researchers in the field of medicine, the person who is accustomed to walking often is healthier than who lead a sedentary life.

People who are usually sedentary are more likely to suffer problems such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes than who have the habit of walking frequently.

Walking is a form of exercises that help you to lose calories, be healthier, lose weight and even look better. It is also important to know that losing weight is very advantageous for those people that suffering of hypertension and for people who suffer of Diabetes.

Walking helps to decrease cholesterol, this is because people that know about it say that help to reduce the risk of heart attacks. According to the studies helps to control blood sugar levels so it is stated that it helps people that are suffer of diabetes problems.

It is important to know that walking not only helps the body to be healthier and people to look better. This also helps to have a healthy mind, since it is very relaxing, serves to decrease stress levels. People who usually walk away from suffering less from stress also tend to have higher self-esteem and concentration than who do not walk.

Correct way to start a walking routine

It is necessary to know that every exercise routine must be carried out in a planned and progressive way, in order to avoid causing damage to the muscles. At the beginning people are not accustomed to walking for a long time or great distances, so it is recommended begin with a gentle rhythm and as time goes by the intensity increases and the time that is used in walking.

People who begin to walking are advised at the beginning the first two weeks with a time between 10 and 15 minutes. When the weeks pass the people are feeling comfortable, gradually increasing the duration, 20, 30, 40 minutes and so on until reaching the limit of time that each person can walk.

Conclusion about Walking a Way to Be Healthy

Walking plays a big role in the development of human anatomy. According to expressed in the field of medicine, walking is very beneficial for people helping to improve health and fight diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

Walking helps to lower cholesterol, that’s why people familiar with the medical field say they help reduce the risk of heart attacks and help control blood sugar levels. It is said that it helps people who suffer Diabetes problems.

Walking is also helping people to improve mental health every exercise routine should be done in a planned and progressive way, with the purpose of avoiding damage to muscles and it is important that the exercise is performed progressively.

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