Could too much exercise damage a man’s heart?

Is there such a thing as over exercising?

According to a recent study concluded that it could be possible. They observed in Caucasian males that exercised more than seven hours a week, had more than 86% risk of plaque buildup in their arteries. This same risk wasn’t observed in women or in men of color. As we recall, the buildup of plaque in our arteries should be taken as a critical warning of future cardiovascular diseases.

One of the authors of this study, a professor of the Science Faculty of Illinois, Chicago, stated that she was surprised with the results. As nobody expected that exercise which is considered to be something good and beneficial for our overall health, that there would be a limit to it’s benefits for cardiovascular health.

exercise couldn’t alone diminish other risk

There are still many questions to answer, if they stopped exercising from one day to another because of this observation that still cannot be confirmed that strenuous physical activity is the cause of increased plaque accumulation in the arteries of Caucasian men. For this reason, nobody should assume that exercise is evil. Maybe It is just because Caucasian men are more susceptible to accumulating plaque buildup whether they exercise or not. The truth is unknown, but we are still investigating to discover the reason behind of this evil, but in the meantime experts all agree that there is no need to stop exercising.

A well-known professor for cardiology from Los Angles said these findings do not immediately erase the years of proof that long-periods of recreational activities and physical activities are directly related to reducing cardiovascular risks.

However, it should be recognized that exercise couldn’t alone diminish other risk factors. It is of vital importance to control your blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and especially, don’t smoke even if your regularly exercise.

An investigation took place to discover how exercise can affect our health over time. This study involved 3200 participants, both men and women of all backgrounds and races, between the ages of 18 and 30 years of age from 4 different cities.

From 1985 to 2011 the participants were required to do a specific exercises regularly and were required to get regular check ups that included CAT scans that measured the accumulation of the plaque in the arteries.

Nowadays, it is recommended to do up to two and a half hours of moderate exercise weekly or less than 1 hour and a half of strenuous exercise weekly. The participants of the study were divided into three different groups, depending on their different physical levels. One group did less than the specified weekly requirements of exercise, the second group reached the weekly requirements and the third group did up to three times of the weekly requirements.

It was observed that more than 25 different exercise patterns individually of the participants that began at a younger age than the adults and they observed that those who exercised more had a 27% chance of accumulating plaque buildup in the arteries by middle age. Then once this information was separated by sex and race, is when Caucasian men were identified with higher rates than their counterpart who exercised less.

The only factor that the researchers want us to consider, is that healthcare providers shouldn’t assume that someone is healthy just because they exercise often, maybe there are other factors that should be considered before beginning a patient’s treatment.

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