The Black Mask from Is it really worth it?

It has been going viral on the Internet for several weeks and videos of users are circulating, showing the fateful moment of removal of the mask. I also tried the experiment. Why not also get into the trend? After all, if there is one type of care that I am slightly addicted to, it is good facial care. Although my preference generally goes for those who are in bio-cellulose, I ask them several times in the week. But this morning, I rather tried that famous black mask that everyone is talking about, the Purifying Peel-off Black Mask  from Reviews.

Why is everyone talking about it?

In reality it is a combination of circumstances. In recent weeks, there are countless videos that invade our news feed Facebook or that are visible on YouTube and extolling the merits of the Black Mask. Often, we see users in panic when removing the mask. Blend of charcoal powder and glue, this mask is applied to the face to effectively remove blackheads. The popularity of Peel-off black Mask has soared. If has been existing for several years now, it has come back in fashion and beauty realm by offering a safer alternative than that of videos. But be cautious about this however, some profiteers have created some fake Black Mask in a hurry without even registering a brand name on the packaging or even display a clear composition, so if you want to buy the care, be sure to choose the one for sale on

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So, I’m starting!

First observation, the mask looks like black gouache. Second observation, the pa manufacturer had forgotten to perfume the skin care and the smell is not really glamorous. So I started applying the mask, but the texture, thick and airy, hardly spreads with the fingers. I found it easier, to do it with a brush. Then I went for a 20 to 30 minutes pause. Yes, it is a long time … Better not to have an important appointment the day you use this mask. During this time, I feel my skin tingling slightly and the material congeals on my skin so that in the end, I can hardly move my mouth.

The Fatal moment: Will this really work?

Come the fatal moment when I will have to take off this mask. So yes, as we can imagine, it is not really pleasuring to pull this thin film. It does not withdraw from a single piece on the whole face, but little by little, because the material does not dry uniformly. And yet my apprehensions fly away very quickly. I practice the “hamster technique” or “goldfish” which consists in inflating his cheeks or pouting to take off the edges of the mask, without scratching with a fingernail at the risk of damaging the skin. Once the edges are raised, I simply grabbed it and then pull it gently or as a bandage. It is very easy to remove and unlike the different peel-offs that I have already tried, it leaves only two or three large pieces.

Looking more closely at the film mask, I found that there are indeed dead skin and blackheads and my skin appears sharper. The announced effect was actually to the rendezvous!! I had a purer skin, cleaned even if it got a little dry. But with some floral water, and a hazelnut of moisturizing cream cucumber, this inconvenience was forgotten. But clearly, dry and sensitive skin will have to go their way. The Black Mask peel off is definitely not designed for them!!!

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